Flowering Vines

Flowering Vines Add Dimension to Your Landscape

Flowering Vines can absolutely steal the show in any landscape when they are in bloom. These plants can grow quite rapidly, and some are almost invasive if not pruned from time to time. They are very strong and healthy plants and will be easy to grow.

Wisteria is one of the most flamboyant. In mid to late spring, you get long clusters of purple or violet blooms draping down from the foliage. They will flow gently in the breeze, and will smell wonderful. It grows vigorously once established. It needs full sun for best blooming. Excellent for cut flowers, too!

The Hummingbird Vine or Trumpet Vine bears massive clusters of orange, salmon, or reddish orange flowers throughout much of the summer. Hummingbirds, in particular, love them. The shape of the flower keeps the nectar out of reach for many insects; the hummingbird’s long beak has no problem.

There are many favorites in this group, and we pride ourselves on having quite a good selection on our website.

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