Evergreen Vines

Evergreen Vines and Ground Covers

Evergreen Vines are quite unique and can provide such interest in areas of the landscape or garden. They are quite sturdy, easy to grow and will require little maintenance other than the occasional pruning to keep them under control.

Most gardeners are familiar with English Ivy and Vinca Minor, two of the most common plants in this category. Other choices include:

Mitchella Repens also known as Partridge Berry, is native to northeastern deciduous forests.  It was the Wildflower of the Year in 2012. It’s a broad-leafed evergreen ground cover that  offers red berries in the fall and winter. Best used in shade gardens, along pathways or in rock gardens, the glossy evergreen leaves brings a fresh look  to the garden all year around, and is spectacular in the wintertime. Because of it’s small size, it’s also excellent for terrariums. It is also often used in Christmas wreaths.

Evergreen Ginger (Hexastylis arifolia), or Little Brown Jug, is a low-growing ground cover with shiny dark green heart shaped leaves. Its leaves are fragrant. It’s fairly slow growing, but will form a carpet like appearance in time.

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