Vines and Ground Covers

Vines are versatile and look good in any yard, walkway, brick wall, arbor or trellis. They have four basic types: Twining varieties which encircle their supports, tendril types that send out tendrils that wind around a support, those that climb by aerial rootlets and those which climb by some type of hook.

English Ivy uses aerial rootlets. It is extremely hardy, and can be used as a ground cover or as a climber, As a ground cover, it will cover large areas  –  and is often used in steep areas of a yard. It chokes out weeds, and no mowing is required! It also will climb trees and is often seen adding character to a house or cottage. It does require trimming, as it is an aggressive grower.

The Cross Vine has breathtaking trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of red orange and yellow.  Hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to the flowers. A world-class climber, it can grow up to 50 feet high.

We have a variety of vines and ground covers at Plant America Nursery, browse our selection below.


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