Willow Trees

Willow Trees Make a Unique Statement

Willow trees are almost magical.  The weeping willow has long flowing limbs that move gracefully when the wind blows.  it is very popular among our customers. These trees also produce small white flowers that cover the limbs during the spring, and they appear to be snowing when the petals begin to fall and make way for beautiful green leaves.  They grow in various soil conditions and love to be planted in full and partial sunlight.

The Hybrid Willow can reach just under 20 feet in about the first 2 years – that 6 -10 feet a year. So it grows to be a privacy fence fast, if that what you’re looking for!  It’s also excellent when used as a windblock.

Willows, like the rest of our trees, are shipped in top quality condition from Plant America Nursery and arrive ready to plant and watch grow.

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