Shade Trees

Shade Trees: Highly Sought After

Shade trees are ordinarily the first plants selected for the yards of new homes. They are an excellent way to add character to your landscape. Additionally, they can reduce your heating and cooling costs, AND increase the value of your home.

Some can grow to be over one hundred feet, like the White Oak.  There is an extensive selection in the 60 – 80 feet range, like the Hickory and the Sycamore. Shade trees develop high crowns that become thick and are covered with luscious green leaves during the spring and summer months, and they provide a spectacular show of color during the fall as the leaves change to red, orange, yellow and sometimes burgundy.

They are easy for beginners to grow, and most will thrive in different soil conditions and also in full and partial sunlight. Plant America Nursery provides an incredible choice of these trees. We ship only top quality trees to our customers.

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