Oak Trees

Oak Trees – America’s National Tree

Oak trees come from a large family. You can find an oak tree appropriate for virtually all of the United States. Voted as America’s Favorite on the Arbor Day Foundation, Congress designated it the official National Tree in November 2004.

Oaks are America’s most widespread hardwoods. Oaks usually reach heights of between 50 and 70 feet, depending upon variety. The White Oak Tree is one of the tallest, reaching around 100 feet. The branches layer themselves to form the cover.

Fall foliage ranges from yellow, orange, red, pink, purple and scarlet. The stunning fall display makes this tree ideal for landscaping.

The shade from the tree will offer a splendid place to go to escape the summer heat. The acorns attract squirrels and other wildlife. The leaves stunning display is coupled with the fragrant aroma that is released when they are crushed or trampled on, making this a unique tree indeed. Try America’s Favorite Tree in Your Yard.

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