Maple Trees

Maple Trees – Renowned for Fall Color

Many people choose to plant maple trees, because they work well as a shade, specimen or street tree.  They are tall trees. The red maple, one of the most common, grows to about 70 feet tall.

Maples have long life spans. Red maples and sugar maples  live an average of 300 years, while  silver maples average 100 years.

Maples vary in  fall colors. Some are red, some are yellow — and some are in between. Fitting for its name, The Red Sunset Maple  has vibrant red color.  The Legacy Sugar Maple can be more of a orangeish red — and perhaps yellow in warmer areas,

Maples can grow three to four feet each year after they are established and growing well. They need full to partial sunlight for the best establishment.  This tree is very easy to maintain, very reliable, and durable.  Most thrive in zones four through nine.

Make an investment for future generations with a maple tree.

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