Flowering Trees

Flowering Trees – Sure Signs of Spring

Flowering trees and shrubs welcome spring with color each year. You have many choices when choosing ornamental trees. Most bloom during the spring, while some bloom in summer months,

Some, such as the redbud, are smaller and make great ornamental trees for gardens and natural areas. Redbud is a handsome tree that tops out at 20-30 feet. Early spring flowers begin with a reddish purple bud and emerge to a rosy pink flower.

Others are larger, such as the Tulip Poplar, which is named for its tulip looking flowers. These flowers have a delightful fragrance that fills your yard in spring. The nectar attracts birds, including cardinals, finches, and even hummingbirds. And in the fall, leaves change to a bright yellow. A great tree for all seasons.

Flowering trees are easy to grow, and most grow in a broad range of soil conditions.

Liven up your landscape with some flowering trees!

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