Fast Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees Make An Impact Quickly

Fast growing trees provide quick beauty, share or seclusion. Because of their fast growth, plant them where their root systems won’t interfere with other plants, and be prepared to prune them if needed.

River Birch is a classic ornamental that grows up to 2-3 feet a year. It’s distinctive and easy to grow. It can be grown in any state in the continental US. This tree makes an excellent shade tree. It grows well in most soil types as long as good drainage is provided and loves full sunlight.

Autumn Blaze Red Maple trees are often purchased for their ability to grow quickly and for their gorgeous fall foliage. They are quite durable and are also very adaptable to most environments.

Willow trees can grow as much as three feet per year. They are perfect for adding shade to an area or for planting as a focal point in the landscape.





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