Fall Trees

Fall Trees: Red, Orange and Yellow

Fall trees are a great addition to any landscape, residential or commercial.  Homeowners and tourists alike enjoy the changing colors  of the leaves.  New England, and the Smoky Mountains are two popular locations for tourists in fall foliage season.

Autumn Red Maple is a widely planted favorite.  It does quite well in many different soil conditions and loves full to partial sunlight. The soil needs to be well-drained so that the roots do not develop root rot from standing water. This is considered a fast growing tree. It can grow at a rate of 3 feet or more per year,  reaching a height of 90 feet and 40 to 50 feet in diameter when mature. In the summer, it provides a great place to enjoy cool shade. In autumn months, you can enjoy the beautiful red color of the foliage that it produces.

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