Deciduous Trees

Deciduous Trees: An Integral Part of Our Landscape

Deciduous Trees are plants whose leaves will fall off at maturity. During the fall the leaves are likely to fall off or shed. Most homeowners look at it as a new beginning or a change in the weather when they see the foliage start to fall or drop. They provide color and interest in the spring and summer. Most notably in fall, the leaves provide gorgeous color as the trees shed their leaves. In winter, just the trunk and branches will remain, and they will look beautiful covered in snow.

The most popular and well known deciduous trees in North America are the maples, and oaks. Hickories are another popular choice — it’s wood is very hard and dense, and often used in wood burning stoves. Flowering varieties include the Redbud, a small decorative tree that welcomes the spring with pinkish-purple blooms.

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