Weigela Shrubs

Weigela Shrubs – Long Lasting Blooms

Weigela Shrubs are deciduous, and flower in the spring and early summer.  Weigelas are gorgeous when they are in full bloom, which is a long time! You can expect blooms from May to June.  The flowers can appear in red, white or pink in color as they bloom.  They have a medium color green leaf, which is oval shaped.  They adapt to a variety of soils and prefer to be planted in full or partial sunlight. Full sun will give you the greatest show of blooms.

Pink Weigelia has  unbelievable pink bell flowers, which are not only beautiful, they also attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Prefer Red? Red Weigela is also a long-bloomer, but with brilliant crimson flowers.

Weigelas are very easy to grow and work great as an ornamental shrub for a garden or lawn.  Pruning older interior branches will improve the plant’s health and help you maintain  your desired shape. Thier old-fashioned beauty will stand out in your landscape.

Plant America Nursery ships only top quality bare root shrubs to our customers.

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