Viburnum Shrubs

Viburnum Shrubs – Versatile in Your Landscape

Viburnum shrubs add a dramatic look to all gardens and lawns with their attractive foliage and flowers. Some have colorful fruits that attract wildlife, and many provide dazzling fall colors. Viburnums vary in height and spread. Most varieties prefer full sun to part shade.  As a group, they are disease and pest resistant.

Viburnum Dentatum is a durable and easy-to-grow shrub. Its dense form makes this shrub very versatile, and can be used in foundation planting, mass plantings, or a specimen plant. It can also be used in barriers or hedges. Expect it to grow well in zones 3-9.

Arrowwood Viburnum produces creamy white flowers in late spring to early summer. The summer leaves are dark green and glossy. Come fall, they change from green to yellow to a lustrous red and finally to a reddish purple. Also in the fall, its  blue to reddish purple berries attract birds.

Plant America Nursery is proud to offer these versatile and easy-going plants. We’re sure they’ll look great wherever you put them.

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