Vibrant Shrubs

Vibrant Shrubs for Vibrant Color

Vibrant shrubs are an excellent way to bring much-needed color into your landscape.

One of the most popular is the Burning Bush (Euonymus Alatus).  The burning bush is for its bright red/ bright orange fall leaves in the fall. It’s easy to care for. In addition to its brilliant fall color, it provides a lush green in springtime.

The Karl Sax Forsythia welcomes spring with a profusion of yellow flowers that cover the whole shrub.  It is often used along fence lines or as a specimen plant.  Old or damaged limbs should be removed to prevent it from being overgrown — pruning is best done in early spring, just after the flowers fade.

Less commonly known, the Spice Bush (Lindera Benzoin) has a lot to offer. Male plants have tiny yellow flowers in early spring. Female plants produce a profusion of berries in the fall , which turn a dark red. The leaves turn yellow at about the same time and make the berries really stand out!  It has a pleasant, spicy fragrance.

Vibrant Shrubs from Plant America Nursery. Simply gorgeous.

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