Spirea Bushes

Spirea Bushes: Cascades of Flowers

Spirea bushes are among the easiest flowering shrubs to grow. Their beautiful blooms look like they are in clusters all over the shrub.  The groups are made up of tiny flowers and either bloom in white or pink depending on the variety.  Spireas are often used as a foundation plant, or in mass plantings, shrub borders or hedges. They can range in height from 2 to 10 feet tall, often with a rounded form.

Bridalwreath Spirea  is a showstopper. Masses of small, white flower clusters cover its arching branches in the spring. Requiring full fun, it will grow to 2-10 feet tall. After the flowers disappear, the leaves turn shades of yellow orange and purple in the fall. A great addition to a perennial border or a stunning specimen plant.  Can also be planted in groups for a very impressive hedge.

Pink Spiraea blooms in late spring or early summer.

Plant America Nursery ships spireas bare root.

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