Privet Shrubs

Privet Shrubs

Privet shrubs ( Ligustrum) are most commonly used as privacy barriers/ hedges and are very popular with landscapers and homeowners. They make beautiful privacy fences along property lines or around the patio or deck.  They are evergreen in some zones.  Low-maintenance plants, they will require trimming to maintain the desired shape and height.  Most can grow to a height of around 15 feet if untrimmed.

These plants can grow quite quickly and are very hardy. They are not fussy about what kind of soil you plant them in.  They prefer sull sun to partial sun. Once mature they are tolerant to drought, disease, and pests. They are also salt-tolerant,  important if your hedge is very close to the road.

Privet is also excellent for topiaries.  Just use your electric shears to create the shape of your choosing!

Privet shrub choices at Plant America Nursery include the European Privet Hedge and the Regal Border Privet.

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