Flowering Shrubs

Flowering Shrubs – Spring and Summertime Essentials

Flowering shrubs will bring lots of beauty and color. Most flowering shrubs bloom in the spring and summer; a few also bloom in the fall. You can select your favorite color: yellow, white, purple, pink, red – even blue! They grow in an assortment of soil and lighting conditions.

Pink Hibiscus has some of the largest blooms, which can be over a foot in diameter. Maxing out at fifteen feet in height, they make great natural fences, or as a focal point in your yard.

Hydrangea is a customer favorite. They bloom in shades of pink in alkaline (lime) soils and blue in acidic mixes. Hydrangeas have immense flower heads that have real old-fashioned charm. Easy to cultivate, and flowering in mid-summer, they can show their colors in either the garden or containers.

Plant America Nursery offers a varied selection.  Whatever you choose, these will add an extra burst of gorgeous curb appeal.

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