Chokeberry Shrubs

Chokeberry Shrubs – Ornamental and Edible

Chokeberry shrubs are cold hardy and are a wonderful way to bring lots of color to a lawn.  Medium-sized shrubs, they are native to eastern North America. They will grow in a wide variety of conditions –  virtually anywhere but full shade, and in just about any soil.

The Red Chokeberry develops red berries in the summer that can remain on the plant through the fall and winter.  It’s dark green foliage turns to bright red in the fall. It is beautiful as a hedge or planted in a natural area.  This shrub requires minimal maintenance,

The Black Chokeberry Shrub produces an impressive display of white spring flowers. Early fall features deep dark purple berries, followed shortly after that by the foliage color change to a deep reddish purple. Full season interest. The berries are tart, but make good preserves.

Plant America Nursery is proud to offer these easy-growing, unique looking plants.

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