Azalea Shrubs

Azalea Shrubs: Multiple Color Options

Azalea shrubs are part of the rhododendron family. There are a wide variety of sizes and colors in this group of plants. They are absolutely breathtaking when in bloom. Colors include white, pink, red, purple and also a bright and vivid orange. In addition to bright colors, they also bring bees, butterflies, and amazing hummingbirds.

They are medium sized shrubs, a great way to add  height to your landscape. Flame Azalea is found growing wild in the Appalachian Mountains. Averaging 6 feet or more, this shrub has pretty orange and yellow flowers. They prefer moist soil and create great natural borders because of their density.

Rhododendron Azalea is a very compact ornamental shrub, generally around 3 feet high. Though named Pink Azalea, the flower color can be  from pink to light purple. Though beautiful, it is also toxic – so consider this is you have pets or small children.

Azaleas work well to line walkways and driveways and can be trimmed and kept to the right height for all locations. They grow well in full and partial sunshine, and prefer moist and well-drained soil conditions.

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