Alder Shrubs

Alder Shrubs are Water-Loving

Alder shrubs are members of the Birch family. They can grow with one or several trunks, and get to be between 15 and 65 feet high. The bark on Alders  shrub will be quite intriguing.

These shrubs are great for a butterfly garden, as many species like the leaves as larval food. Birds also eat the seeds.

They thrive best in moist soils and are often planted on stream banks because their spreading root systems will stabilize the ground. Alders can increase the nitrogen and soil fertility through their roots and are often used on restoration projects where there is degraded soil.

Alders need full sunlight to reach their potential. They  are immune to most diseases, require little maintenance and spread with ease. However, they are considered invasive in some states.

Plant America Nursery offers the Black Alder Shrub, which can grow quite large and is often used in borders.

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