Shrubs: Versatile Landscape Elements

There are diverse types of landscaping shrubs, which range in size and use. They can be foundation plantings; they can be specimen plants, backdrops, privacy screens … and the list goes on.

When determining which shrub(s) to plant in your yard, consider their mature height and width. Some, like lilacs have a tree-like form. Lilacs can be grown as a small tree or large shrub. The best thing about a lilac is its fragrance, And that’s second only to its spectacular flower in shades of lilac, light purple or lavender when it blooms in the spring. Lilacs are an old-fashioned favorite.

Another type would be the burning bush, which tops out at 8 feet, usually with a spread almost as wide as the height, giving it the rounded appearance. This shrub has beautiful green leaves that turn to a fiery red in the fall. This shrub legitimately looks like it is on fire when the leaves turn red, hence the name.

Virtually all shrubs can also be grown in containers. They make an excellent focal point on a balcony and also provide screening.

Plant America Nursery ships all our shrubs bare-root.

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