Shade Perennials

Shade Perennials Provide Color and Texture

Shade perennials brighten a shady garden. Plant America Nursery has a diverse selection, with colors ranging from white, red, yellow, orange, purple and blue.

Hostas are shade-loving favorites that look great along the driveway, in foundation plantings or around trees.  Their height ranges from mere inches high to well over three feet tall. Their leaves are often outlined in white or a pale yellow. The have stalks of purple or white flowers that appear in late summer. They do need to be protected from deer, who find them a great snack.

Trilliums are an Appalachian mountain favorite that grows in zones 3-7. The trillium has three petals and three leaves. These early spring-bloomers are often called wake robin, because they bloom at about the time the spring robins arrive. Ideal for shade gardens and wooden wildflower areas, they like moist soil with plenty of organic matter.

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