Native Wild Plants

Native Wild Plants – Natural Beauty

Native wild plants can be found in all shapes and sizes ranging from small growers like the lily to larger ones like cattails and the daisy species.

Native to eastern North America, the Blue Wood Aster prefers a partially shaded site. It develops bunches of blue flowers in the early fall. providing color at a much needed time! Naturalizes easily.  The small flowers are great for flower arrangements.

Carolina Spring Beauty is low-growing, about 6 inches in height. Don’t let its small size deter you! It has striking pink or white flowers, with darker pink veins. This  plant prefers a shady environment with moist soil. Flowers close up at night.

Also native to eastern North America, Turk’s Cap Lily is one of the tallest lillies. It has a stunning yellow and orange blooms that arch back gracefully. Prolific bloomers, they often produce a dozen blooms per plant. They multiply easily to make your garden more beautiful every year.

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