Go Green with Moss

Moss definitely has its place in the landscape. All landscapes or gardens have those shady areas where nothing will grow, and these will grow where nothing else will. That makes them extremely useful!

Moss is also an example of growing green. While many plants in the garden require fertilization, these need no soil supplements. Additionally, many species help you in areas where soil erosion is a real problem. They also work to help clean the water as it runs through the plant.

Plant America Nursery has several varieties available. One of the most unique is the Hair Cap, which gets its name from the hairs that cover where the spores are growing. It will grow lush, like a green carpet, and can live from 3-5 years on average. It will grow in poor soil, and will tolerate sunlight, as long as the ground is moist.

Plant America Nursery is here to help you go green!

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