Live Stakes

Live Stakes

Live stakes are cut sections of branches, which are planted directly into the moist soil. They are commonly used in wetlands, stream banks, lake shores, and road slopes to stabilize the ground and control erosion.

Live stakes should be planted in their dormant season, with at least 1/2 of their length buried in the ground, and kept moist; They take root quickly, and sticks turn into trees!

Red Ozier Dogwood provides great color during the winter months, with its blood-red branches. They are some of the easiest to grow because they have excellent root strength.

Willows, such at the Black Willow are also excellent choices for live staking.  Black willow is also nicknamed Swamp Willow. It likes damp soil, as its name implies. They provide nice shady spots when grown, and provides a unique look to the landscape,

At Plant America Nursery, we sell our live stakes in groups of 100. Note that they are perishable, and should be stored for only a short period of time in shady, cool, moist conditions.


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