Ferns Provide Excellent Texture

Ferns are spectacular in any landscape. They make quite a statement with their stunning arching fronds.  They can provide an excellent backdrop for other plants or can be a striking feature. Ferns can be grown in a container as well.

Most people think that ferns can only grow in shaded areas, but some these plants will do quite nicely with partial sunlight. They are hardy and fast growing, PLUS they will not require much maintenance at all – which make them even more beloved.

The Wood Fern, also known as Shield Fern is a popular ornamental plant. Often grown as specimen plants, or used in hanging baskets, they will often spread naturally into impressive groups.

Another favorite is the Cinnamon Fern,  a unique plant that will produce what appear to look like cinnamon sticks growing from the center of the plant. Unfortunately,  they do not smell like cinnamon.

Our USDA-certified plants are shipped bare-root and delivered to you quickly.

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