Privacy Trees

Privacy Trees Offer Multiple Benefits

Privacy trees look great. But they also increase your property value, benefit the environment, and of course, block noise or wind.  These types of trees grow thick, dense and full so that two or three trees can be grown close together and spread quickly, so they provide a dense screen.

The Virginia Pine Tree (Pinus virginiana) is a very resilient medium-sized tree.  It makes a great privacy tree as well as a great Christmas Tree.  They have long, spreading branches, which respond well to trimming, becoming denser. They grow very fast and tolerate the most inhospitable of soils – growing where little else will, earning them the nickname of Scrub Pine.

The selection at Plant America Nursery includes multiple varieties of pines: the Loblolly Pine, and the Short Leaf Pine, which is a beautiful tree that requires little maintenance.

Our nursery ships these trees bare-root, at great cost savings to you!

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