Evergreen Conifers

Evergreen Conifers

Evergreen conifers are trees that are both evergreen and which reproduce via cones.  “Conifer” means cone-bearer. All evergreens are not conifers, for example, a holly bush. All conifers are not evergreen, either.

Evergreen conifers can add style and grace to your landscape. They add green to an often dreary winter landscape and provide cover for a multitude of wildlife.

The Candian Hemlock is a great tree that will grow just about anywhere. It’s very cold-hardy, growing in colder areas where other varieties won’t. The layers of needles grow all the way to the ground. The cinnamon-red bark will add additional interest to your yard or garden. Additionally, they will tolerate poor soil and a variety of light conditions.

Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) is common throughout many of the Plains states and in the eastern United States. It is tolerant of heat, a wide range of soils, and even salt, so it is an excellent choice for windbreaks, privacy screens or as a specimen tree.  It is aromatic —  there is a reason cedar chests are made from cedar!

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