Evergreen Trees – Consistent Beauty

Evergreen trees come in all shapes and sizes.  They are prized by most homeowners and landscapers for their all-year foilage. Green helps keep your spirits up in the dreary days of winter.  Properly placed, they provide great beauty to the landscape.

Choose your evergreen with its mature size in mind, and allow it enough room to grow.  Plant America Nursery has a wide selection, allowing you to find the perfect size and shape for your landscape.

Canadian Hemlock can be planted in groups as a border,  they make excellent living fences. They also serve beautifully as a centerpiece in  your landscape.  Annual trimming is recommended to maintain their desired shape and height.  They are slow growers, but have a long lifespan.

Golden Privet is incredibly versatile. This could be a specimen planting ,  or used in a border or privacy screen. It stands apart from the rest because of its  bright golden-green leaves. An easy growing choice.

Plant America Nursery ships USDA certified bare-root evergreens for our customers to enjoy!

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