Berry Vines

Berry Vines – Beautiful and Healthy!

Berry vines are a great choice to cover fenced areas and trellises in a garden.  Besides being beautiful, they produce very delicious and sweet berries that can be eaten right from the vine.

One of the most famous of these vines is the Wild Grape Vine (Vitis Vinifera) .  Planted in full sun, these high-climbing vines can  reach around 9 feet high, although they can grow longer in the wild. The flowers develop in dense panicles that eventually become bunches of grapes.  The Wild Grape Vine is  a splendid choice for an arbor or trellis. They are hardy and fast-growing – and will quickly cover whatever support you offer them., adding texture and interest to your landscape, They produce extraordinary fruit that is sweet and delicious.  They also attract birds and other wildlife, that will also eat them! You can be assured that your berries are fresh and  pesticide free when growing.

There are a lot of ways that beautiful, delicious berries can be used by homeowners. Plant America Nursery ships our USDA Certified Berry Vines bare root.

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