Berry Plants

Berry Plants Offer Health Benefits

Berry plants or shrubs are gaining popularity. Most berries are nutrient-packed, and offer numerous health benefits. Most are fairly compact growers so that you can grow them even in small spaces. They are generally very easy to grow and will do well in most soil types. Fruit from these bushes or shrubs can be different colors and sizes. 

Some of the most popular berries are blueberries. Hi Bush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) grows from 6-12 feet tall, thus its name Highbush.  In addition to great tasting berries, they have lovely flowers in the spring and beautiful fall foliage.

Red Raspberry plants are often planted  near a structure such as a fence or a trellis. They grow to a height of four to five feet tall  and are adaptable to full sun or partial shade.

Enjoy some fresh berries –  frozen, canned, in jams or jellies, in pies, or just picked straight off the bush.  Plant America Nursery offers a wide selection of USDA-certified  berry plants to choose from!

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